I am a graduate of New York State University in the United States. I have worked in the Korean Education System for many years, primarily in Foreign Language Institutes. I have been the Program Director of the California State University Extension School in Seoul, the manager of Koryo Foreign Institute, YBM Si-sa ECC, and Min Byoung-Chul Language School in Seoul.

Wilshire Korea English Academy is one of the most famous English Schools in Korea. One of our students achieved the 300 full score for CBT TOEFL on September 4th, 2003 the 120 full score for 1BT TOEFL currentlg. It was an incredible issue in Busan and throughout Korea. Another student recently achieved a 98% score on the SSAT American high School entrance exam.

It is a real honor for us that more than 100 of our previous students have entered not only famous U.S.A universities but also Junior middle schools and Senior high schools. Plus, some have gone on to attend Seoul National University, the KAIST, Korea Minjok Leadership Academy, Korea Science High School, Jang Youg-sil Science High School, Busan International High School, Busan Foreign High School every year.

Wilshire Korea English Academy offers:

1. TOEFL : We are a dedicated TOEFL institute. You can attend " ETS TOEFL SIMULATION TEST " here whenever you want.

2. SAT : We are one of the best SAT institutes in BUSAN. We really want you to attend our SAT classes during your summer, winter, and spring vacation. For those who study in BUSAN, feel free to sign up for an SAT class whenever you want.

3. TESOL : Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages for elementary, middle school, and senior high school teachers.

4. Expert ESL & Various SUBJETS : English as a Second Language classes for elementary school, middle school, and high school students and for those who want to study abroad. Our English speaking scholars can offer students a variety of subjects including Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and History.

5. Professional English conversation (Note Taking Method) for students on weekly and weekend classes. These lessons provide students with a foreign classroom experience conducted by native English-speaking academics.

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Sohn Joong Keun / Director